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Few Vendors have conditions to accept PO if the Purchase order meet that condition

In our company, we use GP 2018 R2  and salespad. Our few vendors have a condition to accept PO from Our Company if the Purchase order meet few conditions . Note that these Conditions are based on Vendor Id level, not on vendor item level. Looking at this I wrote a program by using Dexterity which displays a message to any Purchase user who creates a dropship Purchase order but some of these Purchase orders (Dropship PO) are created by CSR (Customer service representatives)  and these CSR use Sales pad .Unfortunately Sales pad does not have any option so whenever user selects Vendor id and press tab key . a message window should pop up . This message window should show vendor conditions to accept PO . Note that these conditions can be like Vendor A will accept PO if the purchase order has lets say $100  value  and $50 for drop ship if the units /qty on this po is. This is very common requirement. Do you have any plan to include this functionality in Sales Pad or not?

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  • Jan 21 2020
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