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VBO: Add tiered and/or volume costing on purchased/received materials

From our user:

I'm trying to figure out the most effective way to handle pricing at different quantity levels when I order raw materials.

In one scenario, 1 through x costs $A each, x+1 through y brings the unit cost down to $B, etc...
In a second scenario, 1-19 costs $A each, a full case of 20 costs $B (QTY21 == 1*$A + $B, QTY40 == 2*$B)

In both scenarios, the vendor item number is the same, but unit price is affected by quantity. I see no way to deal with that except to create fictitious vendor item numbers that have a description explaining the difference in unit cost and use the min/max order values.

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  • Nov 29 2017
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